The Citadel

The vision for The Citadel was based around the idea to create a destination for locals focusing on the best of what Miami has to offer across all avenues. A desire to establish an ecosystem for small business, creatives and community leaders to grow and flourish. The initial vision for the project--and its surrounding neighborhoods--began in 2014 when ownership purchased four nearby buildings that would soon house MADE, Sherwoods Bistro, Nomad.Tribe and Fire Kitchen & Bar, and the structure that is now The Citadel.

It all started with MADE at The Citadel, a co-working space highlighting Miami’s burgeoning creative and entrepreneurial industries. With affordable pricing and accommodations, MADE is geared toward making growth sustainable for these small businesses. This allowed us to cultivate a local community of small businesses from law firms and eco start-ups, to film production studies and a variety of creatives agencies. MADE was the first cast in the net to establish an ecosystem of sustainable businesses with the ability to grow from--and with--the community around it.

The Citadel's retail program, known as Pivot Market, will create the first sustainable retail marketplace in the US in a brick and mortar setting with a low barrier of entry. Our partners in Nomad.Tribe have put together the Pivot Market platform, which will be focused on sustainable retailers and includes an all-inclusive solution for brands. Pivot Market will have 20+ vendors who will have spaces as small as 3x6 (18 sf) up to 20x20 (400sf) with varied sized spaces in between.

The marketplace will flow in a way that allows products to compliment one another and do not compete against one another. Furthermore, each vendor’s monthly cost will not only cover their lease, utilities, security, and cleaning, but also cover events, marketing and staffing, allowing these businesses to focus on what is important: their brand and their products. In addition to the all-inclusive structure of the marketplace, Pivot Market will also offer education on sustainability and access to a wide variety of manufacturers. All navigating around the ability to create transparency and efficiencies in brands’ supply chains through products and recycling programs otherwise inaccessible around the world.

Pivot Market strives to be THE epicenter of conscious consumers in Miami and beyond, for years to come.