PIVOT is the first market in the US to exclusively house brands who have a deep commitment to sustainability. We are dedicating 7.200 sqft. for brands and consumers who share the values of transparency, sustainability and fairness. 


What we offer

Unique Shopping experience


Learning center

PIVOT runs a learning center offering DIY workshops with a strong focus on sustainability.


Biofabrication Station

We’re entering a new Material Age. It is driven by creativity, innovation, and environmental responsibility. We are beginning to build materials using living systems.

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Recycling center

The circular economy is a key component of sustainability. We’ll encourage our customers to bring their recyclables materials and turn them into new products.


Swap parties

Reusing is also a pillar of sustainability. We host swapping parties every month, not only for clothing but also for toys.



Personalizations, alterations and repairs. Loved clothes last.