The first all-inclusive retail solution dedicated to sustainable brands


Our Philosophy


Consumers are demanding more transparency from the companies they consume. They want those companies to reflect their own values. 


We believe in companies who put the environment and their workers first.

SOCIAL change

Together we can curve the markets to produce goods and services that are truly beneficial to society, while getting rid of those activities which create negative impacts. 



Why The Citadel?

Miami is not only a vibrant city, nearly 12MM people visit every year. It’s also ground zero for climate change and sea rise level. Miami’s population is reminded everyday of the need to rethink their choices. This is where we need to have the conversation about sustainability.


Unique shopping experience

Consumers are more conscious and curious than ever before, they want to know the story behind the brands and are asking more in depth questions.

Our novel shopping experience is design to deliver great storytelling and value to your consumers thanks to our educational programming, passionate and knowledgable staff.